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How you feel strongly reflects in your everyday life. We understand that perfectly, that is why we are here to be your most trusted partner in your quest for health and fitness.

We provide expert content along with genuine fact. Of which will support, and inspire you toward the best possible health remedies for you and your family. We agree that to read is to be informed; if you are not informed you are deformed. Most lasting solutions to health and weight loss issues are often hidden in a book which is only accessible to those who seek. We encourage you to seek as we are always eager to found with you. 

If you are here to learn about a certain health condition, research a solution, tap into our rich archives, or get some help for a healthy lifestyle, you are welcome. We have contents that would definitely suit your need. Motivating, easy to understand, and engaging content is readily available in our store. We are ready to bring that dream of yours into reality by helping you get into that desired body shape and lifestyle you ever wish.

The driving-force propelling our vision, our products, and our Employees, is the determination to help people be healthier and happier. Health is wealth.  As part of our tradition, we believe in a world where every today is significantly better than yesterday. We are a global specialist focused on helping people pursue a healthy life through reading. Notwithstanding, beyond having great books that are of true solutions, our customers receive great Insight, Encouragement, Supportive Coaching, and Care. We are driven by our clients’ needs and motivated by their passion.


In creating a world with healthy people, bestselling books, customer care who provide guidance along the journey, enthusiastic employees, and you, we can give the world a reliable path to a healthy and happy life. We strive to maintain integrity, honesty, humility, and trust. We reflect the belief that ethics is not optional rather compulsory. And we honor and respect ourselves in service to humanity. Knowledge is power!

 At Floating Igloo, we enquire, we learn, we follow, we help one moment and however, accept help the next. We never stop collaborating, which makes us unique. We keep things simple. We function to perfect a touch of class. More so, we deliver innovative and excellent services that you may not get anywhere. Floating Igloo is bent in satisfying your curiosity, we are best in engaging people and driving more online lead.  

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