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The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss

It is okay to have tried a number of weight loss and diet plans to get rid of excess weight and still not succeed. The truth about weight loss, according to Dr Jason Fung and Timothy Noakes, begins with understanding the effect of insulin and believing that weight gain is caused by hormones and not necessarily calories. This and many more reasons is why you must read The Obesity Code.

This book outlines and gives insights on how to stay thin and look fit, why we gain excess fat, managing insulin level, solutions to weight problems, as well as habits for general health improvement.

The secret of weight loss is not farfetched, as the obesity code exposes every food lover to secrets of weight control. With reviews from the likes of jimmy Moore, Kris Gunnar, and Sam Feltham, everyone aiming for weight loss would have no choice, than to add this book to his or her collections.