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Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir

Half- Assed is a motivational story of a girl, Janette Fulda, who decided to lose half her weight at age 23 after a gall bladder surgery. The book reveals her day to day encounter after she decided not to give up, but rather stay fit by getting the body of her dreams.

Her journey to permanent weight loss, which started from ignoring some fatty foods at the restaurant, to exercising and weight training, is an insight on how you can mitigate half your fat through discipline, healthy choices, determination and persistence, without loosing yourself afterwards.

She provides information on weight loss, which she claims begins with ‘fat acceptance’. Indepth analyses of the book also recounts how she lost over 180 pounds in the end and this could be your reality. Grab a copy of Half-Assed and learn how to retrain your body fat, cultivate healthy eating habits, and keep fit, while entertaining yourself!